Of Words and Resolutions

2018 is almost at its end, and 2019 is just around the door.

It’s the time when a lot of people make resolutions for the year to come. To be honest, resolutions and all that comes with it is not one of my strengths. Not that I haven’t already tried: more sports, going to the gym, becoming stronger, reading more, studying more, working harder, becoming a better person – all, or mostly quantifiable stuff. And much of it felt like running, taking a giant leap to land flat on my stomach in the mud.

Even in daily life I’m not quite the champion of planification, especially long-term. I’m trying to find tricks and stuff to help me – but that just to say that resolutions for a whole year are probably not for me.

If I would have to pick something close to resolutions, it would simply be to watch what I’m eating so to stay healthy, and to become and stay healthier and happier – heart, body and mind. Although, that is whole program, isn’t it?

A friend of mine is doing something else, that I might try as well for 2019: picking a word for the year. How to go about it?

Spend some time to reflect on the past year, and then on the coming year and what lies ahead. What went well, and what went less well, or where will big challenges, but also joys lie? What does my heart say? Which words resonate with me, which ones come to me, almost automatically “on their own”? …

So, for 2019, my word will be TRANSFORMATION. As much as “Change” or “Revelations” could have been the word for 2018, this one should be the one for 2019. It resonates with what will be happening during this year on many levels.

After losing my job at the end of this because I’m gay, next year will be marked by re-inventing myself and getting back on my feet by trying to become self-employed. A part of the house will be transformed to this effect. And there is even more – surely, I’ll share my whole story here one day.

So which word will you choose for 2019, if you choose one?