DqQmBntXQAAQTyv.jpg smallI’m a ciswoman. I was born a woman, I got breasts, a vagina, a functioning uterus and two functioning ovaries. I got two awesome kids (it’s normal that they’re awesome, they’re mine!), conceived and born naturally without any problems. I identify as a woman, 100%, and wouldn’t want to be anything else, ever.

Recently, I got to do a DNA test for some issue. They had to re-do it because apparently, my DNA didn’t match my gender – that came as a big surprise!

Now I don’t particularly care about that DNA-gender-matching-thing because it doesn’t influence my daily life or identity – I still am who I am, a ciswoman as stated above, and far more.

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They called you names
They threatened you
If not your body,
They hurt your soul

They said,
But I say:

You are beautiful
You are precious
You are wonderfully created
Wanted and loved and desired by God
just the way you are

Maddie, be Maddie
Be yourself
Grow up to be yourself

Don’t let so-called adults take your crown away
don’t let anyone take your shine
don’t let the bullies break you

Rise, shine
You’re loved,
You’re precious
You’re unique
Beautiful girl,