The Journey of Self

and being true
to one’s Self

Is like a bird
regrowing the wings
that have been cut off completely
left bleeding

It flies away
it takes off and soars
not looking back
Its soul finally coming to life
aflame with a thousand fires
shining in all colors of the rainbow

Being the way we are
the way we were meant to be
and created to be
Is the biggest way to honor
the One who created us

For it is saying
Thank you
for making me,
out of your pure and wonderful Love
shining through me now

And the bird takes flight.

Your own way.


Life is not always easy, that is true. Sometimes it can be complicated. But I am convinced that one day, we will all find our own unique way, our own path. Don’t just follow down the road that everybody has followed – be courageous, follow your heart and your dreams. You might discover something wonderful – YOURSELF.

Picture: Chaindon/BE, Switzerland