night of shattered glass
night of shattered dreams
night of shattered lives

untold brutality
never to be forgotten

Shattered glass
and pillars of unholy fires rising to the sky
feel the pieces of glass cutting,
burning through your skin
as you run in panic from the smoke, fire, lights, lamps
and persecutor screaming,
arresting you for your own safety
-so they say-

Burnt books,
announcing wholescale murder
smell the stench,
see the small pieces of burnt books and ashes,
floating in the sky,
covering roofs, ground and skin
inhaled and exhaled

Never forget,
always remember,
always educate

Reach out the hands
to the victims of todays antisemitism
and discrimination
Build new circles of hope and peace
Let new generations rise

Let the people of Israel live!
Am Yisrael Chai!

And shed a tear
for those who are gone…

Grace during the Night

where are you,
during the dark night of soul,
during the moments
when the pain eats
at the core
of my very being?

Where are you,
when my feet
seem to lose hold
and moving on becomes a struggle
like walking on a moving dune
of liquid sand?

Where are you
when the senseless emptiness of it all
wants to swallow me,
tempting take
all sense of perspective
leaving behind
only a sense of nothingness?

You are there,
in midst of it all–

lighting a faint light in dark night,
pointing towards a rock onto which to set my foot,
holding out a hand to lead towards new horizons,
new perspectives and fill me with new sense

Starting to once again gently shower me
with your Love everlasting
falling drop by drop,
washing away
what holds me back.

dark light

When the darkness is thick
so thick you can grab it
like the darkest night
like tar and pitch dripping away from wood

don’t curse the darkness

Light a candle
light a light

Small as it might be
light it

Light a light
of love
of hope
of tolerance
of understanding
of truth
of justice
of hands reaching out to the one standing next to me

As the flame of the candle
flickers and dances
painting shadows on our faces
in turn we all look
with stripes
or without
all human
all with equal worth
equal dignity
created equal

Let me take your hand
and walk by your side
let us hold the candle together

Like you,
I am
jewish, muslim, christian, black, white, red, yellow,
handicapped, able-bodied, queer, straight,
female, male, weak, strong – and everything inbetween.