A Pastor’s Farewell

I answered your call
you asked me to sacrifice
what was most sacred to me
and I foolishly complied

Now I have to go
I don’t fit anymore
And I wonder if I ever truly fitted in
From the words I heard, now and past


When my main crime
is being gay
in a place where difference has little room
like the tattoos on my skin

And yet another problem is
what I don’t have between my legs
When what is in the heart counts less
then what is on the skin

A painful process of opening up again and again
not knowing if judgment or embrace awaits
carrying my heart on my hands for all to see
exposed to wind and rain

Now I turn the page
moving forward
looking towards what lies ahead
with love, hope and trust

Staying true to myself
true to my love
returning to my roots
embracing God and self

Grateful for all those who showed me love
for all the friendships that stay
All the others-
I wish you nothing but love,
and blessings of peace on your path.


night of shattered glass
night of shattered dreams
night of shattered lives

untold brutality
never to be forgotten

Shattered glass
and pillars of unholy fires rising to the sky
feel the pieces of glass cutting,
burning through your skin
as you run in panic from the smoke, fire, lights, lamps
and persecutor screaming,
arresting you for your own safety
-so they say-

Burnt books,
announcing wholescale murder
smell the stench,
see the small pieces of burnt books and ashes,
floating in the sky,
covering roofs, ground and skin
inhaled and exhaled

Never forget,
always remember,
always educate

Reach out the hands
to the victims of todays antisemitism
and discrimination
Build new circles of hope and peace
Let new generations rise

Let the people of Israel live!
Am Yisrael Chai!

And shed a tear
for those who are gone…


Grievous in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His pious ones.

Gathered to show compasion to strangers
as we had been strangers,
Gathered for a bris – joy, life and covenant
– ended in bloodshed, death and trauma

Grievous in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His pious ones.

What is the right way to be Jewish?
And what is the right place to be a Jew?
Their voices say No way, and No place,
Let our voice, Let your voice be louder!

The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is compassionate.

A holy day of rest and joy was turned to sadness,
let us remember,
Never again!
And give it back its holiness as we face the trials together

The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is compassionate.

Attacking one of us means attacking all of us-
Solidarity: Am Yisrael Chai, Am Yisrael Echad!

Comfort, comfort the families –
comfort, comfort ye my people

Blessed is God, King of the Universe, the True Judge.



It happened once
it happened twice
it happened three times

I reported once
but it was hell
“You sure you didn’t ask for it?”

4 years old
touch this, rub this
in the bathtub
don’t tell
or else, for your family
it’ll be hell

13 years old
coming home from gym
wearing baggy jean and huge knitted sweaters
just a kiss, just a kiss said the stranger – I said NO
and then the fingers and all the rest inside me

18 years old
a drink, but only talk I said, and you agreed
said you’d need someone to pour your heart out
until you forced yourself on me in the park

20 years old
a family friend’s his hands all over
there where they shoulnd’t be
hush! well boys are just boys, and men will be men
just don’t say a word, look he’s respected

You killed me, you stabbed me,
you ripped my heart out and froze it
It was no sex, it was just pure violence

You killed me,
but I rose again
like Phoenix from the ashes
You broke me,
but I reconstructed myself
living again, breathing again
loving again
whole again



Whose Church?

If the Church is Christ’s body
and He is the head

it is not
My church
it not
Your church
it is
Christ’s church

Whom did He approach?
Whom did He touch?
Whom did He welcome?
Whom did He heal?
And whom did He reject when they came to him?

How are you,
How can you,

place yourself in the seat of the judge
and decide who is worthy
who is pure enough
who is not too sinful
who fits your criteria
who fits into your concepts, ideas, and dogmas

to join the church?

That is, because it has become YOUR church
instead of JESUS’ church–
and you’re ashamed to see those
who don’t fit
into your theological box
contaminate the imagined purity
of your ecclesial fantasy

The hurt you cause,
the brokenness and rejection-
who will heal it?

Go run to Jesus –
he loves and accepts,
takes us in,
All as we are,
loved and cherished.

Even the strongest

Even the strongest warriors stumble,
needing a rest from the fight,
needing to pause from the walk

Even the strongest warriors stumble,
not from having grown weak
but having been strong for so long

Needing to learn that there’s no shame
in reaching out
in accepting helping hands

Sometimes even the strongest come close
to the breaking point

Sometimes even the strongest
need time to rest on the ground

Time to breathe, time to stumble,
to wander, to wonder, to float
to find one’s way in the dark towards the light

Time for a wounded soul to heal
to grow new wings again
to leave old wounds behind
and leave for higher, better grounds



They called you names
They threatened you
If not your body,
They hurt your soul

They said,
But I say:

You are beautiful
You are precious
You are wonderfully created
Wanted and loved and desired by God
just the way you are

Maddie, be Maddie
Be yourself
Grow up to be yourself

Don’t let so-called adults take your crown away
don’t let anyone take your shine
don’t let the bullies break you

Rise, shine
You’re loved,
You’re precious
You’re unique
Beautiful girl,