Whose Church?

If the Church is Christ’s body
and He is the head

it is not
My church
it not
Your church
it is
Christ’s church

Whom did He approach?
Whom did He touch?
Whom did He welcome?
Whom did He heal?
And whom did He reject when they came to him?

How are you,
How can you,

place yourself in the seat of the judge
and decide who is worthy
who is pure enough
who is not too sinful
who fits your criteria
who fits into your concepts, ideas, and dogmas

to join the church?

That is, because it has become YOUR church
instead of JESUS’ church–
and you’re ashamed to see those
who don’t fit
into your theological box
contaminate the imagined purity
of your ecclesial fantasy

The hurt you cause,
the brokenness and rejection-
who will heal it?

Go run to Jesus –
he loves and accepts,
takes us in,
All as we are,
loved and cherished.

Even the strongest

Even the strongest warriors stumble,
needing a rest from the fight,
needing to pause from the walk

Even the strongest warriors stumble,
not from having grown weak
but having been strong for so long

Needing to learn that there’s no shame
in reaching out
in accepting helping hands

Sometimes even the strongest come close
to the breaking point

Sometimes even the strongest
need time to rest on the ground

Time to breathe, time to stumble,
to wander, to wonder, to float
to find one’s way in the dark towards the light

Time for a wounded soul to heal
to grow new wings again
to leave old wounds behind
and leave for higher, better grounds



They called you names
They threatened you
If not your body,
They hurt your soul

They said,
But I say:

You are beautiful
You are precious
You are wonderfully created
Wanted and loved and desired by God
just the way you are

Maddie, be Maddie
Be yourself
Grow up to be yourself

Don’t let so-called adults take your crown away
don’t let anyone take your shine
don’t let the bullies break you

Rise, shine
You’re loved,
You’re precious
You’re unique
Beautiful girl,



Now that you’re gone
life won’t be the same again

That tumor took your voice and strength,
but until the end
you covered me with kisses

Oh Zayde,
why did you have to leave,

my heart hurts,
my heart cries,
my eyes burn

memories stay
and good memories they will be

Of crossword puzzles done together
of model planes
of sitting on your lap, then next to it
of days spent outside in the sun
of playing on the beach
of you always asking and caring
about my well-being,
being proud of me
of laughter, wild and roaring
and generous advice given

Oh Zayde,
I’m grateful
you both,
Zayde and Bubbe,
you raised me,
from when I was a baby on

you will be

Grace during the Night

where are you,
during the dark night of soul,
during the moments
when the pain eats
at the core
of my very being?

Where are you,
when my feet
seem to lose hold
and moving on becomes a struggle
like walking on a moving dune
of liquid sand?

Where are you
when the senseless emptiness of it all
wants to swallow me,
tempting take
all sense of perspective
leaving behind
only a sense of nothingness?

You are there,
in midst of it all–

lighting a faint light in dark night,
pointing towards a rock onto which to set my foot,
holding out a hand to lead towards new horizons,
new perspectives and fill me with new sense

Starting to once again gently shower me
with your Love everlasting
falling drop by drop,
washing away
what holds me back.

Psaume du milieu de la tempête

Au milieu de la tempête
au milieu du vent
et du creux des vagues

Au milieu du désert
sous le soleil ardent
sur le sable brûlant

A milieu du néant
Seule dans le brouhaha de la foule
Tentant de rester en équilibre

Où es-tu, mon Dieu?
Où es ta voix dans cette tempête?
Sous le soleil de plomb

Un murmure dans mon oreille
tel un doux vent d’été
qui caresse mon cœur

Ta voix calme ma douleur
Calme mes angoisses
Car avec toi mon Dieu,
la promesse de la Vie
est sans cesse re-donné
en cadeau.