It happened once
it happened twice
it happened three times

I reported once
but it was hell
“You sure you didn’t ask for it?”

4 years old
touch this, rub this
in the bathtub
don’t tell
or else, for your family
it’ll be hell

13 years old
coming home from gym
wearing baggy jean and huge knitted sweaters
just a kiss, just a kiss said the stranger – I said NO
and then the fingers and all the rest inside me

18 years old
a drink, but only talk I said, and you agreed
said you’d need someone to pour your heart out
until you forced yourself on me in the park

20 years old
a family friend’s his hands all over
there where they shoulnd’t be
hush! well boys are just boys, and men will be men
just don’t say a word, look he’s respected

You killed me, you stabbed me,
you ripped my heart out and froze it
It was no sex, it was just pure violence

You killed me,
but I rose again
like Phoenix from the ashes
You broke me,
but I reconstructed myself
living again, breathing again
loving again
whole again



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