Whose Church?

If the Church is Christ’s body
and He is the head

it is not
My church
it not
Your church
it is
Christ’s church

Whom did He approach?
Whom did He touch?
Whom did He welcome?
Whom did He heal?
And whom did He reject when they came to him?

How are you,
How can you,

place yourself in the seat of the judge
and decide who is worthy
who is pure enough
who is not too sinful
who fits your criteria
who fits into your concepts, ideas, and dogmas

to join the church?

That is, because it has become YOUR church
instead of JESUS’ church–
and you’re ashamed to see those
who don’t fit
into your theological box
contaminate the imagined purity
of your ecclesial fantasy

The hurt you cause,
the brokenness and rejection-
who will heal it?

Go run to Jesus –
he loves and accepts,
takes us in,
All as we are,
loved and cherished.

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