India under water
Niger under water
Houston under water
Syria shattered
white supremacy and racism on the rise
thousands homeless and hungry
refugees without homes
millions left without care

and you say you are the victim?

and yet you attack
you bully
you swoop down like a bird of prey
using the name of God

on a community already marginalized
already struggling
to bring hurt
to bring shame
to exclude and condemn

Who are you to judge,
to send to hell,
to draw a line in the sand,
to embrace Herod
instead of calling him out?

My Bible is not yours,
or we do not have the same eyes
and the same heart

My God is not yours,
or we do not have the same heart
and the same hands

My Jesus is not yours,
or we do not have the same hands
and the same feet

For my God
created ALL mankind in his image,
right as they are,
with dignity, wonderfully & precious

For my Jesus
did not draw lines in the sand in the form of creeds
to exclude an entire population
My Jesus had open arms
he walked with ALL,
and welcomed ALL,
restored the dignity of those who had been marginalized
engendered hope and not despair
brought life and not death,
he came to end violence and not perpetuate it

ALL are called to lives
holy, fulfilling, pleasing to God
in harmony with God’s plan for us
ALL invited into redemption through Christ

Nobody is rejected
from God’s loving embrace
because of their sexuality
or gender identity

For my God says:
I alone know the plans
I have for you,
plans to bring you prosperity
and not disaster,
plans to bring about the future
you hope for.

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