Punk Theology!

Today I wo20800049_804411663051995_1749513414710631313_nuld like to present to you a podcast I discovered a few weeks ago (it feels like days actually).

Its called the “Punk Theology podcast”.

I have to admit that so far, I’ve only started to listen to episode 4, but it really is something. Punk Theology, that’s a handful of guys discussing questions of faith, life, theology and experiences with honesty and openness and a healthy dose of humor.

I must say that so far, I love it. Honest talk. Honest questions. No easy way outs, but confronting life and faith and all the issues head-on, no bullshit, no throwing about of bible verses to make the questions and doubts shut up – quite the contrary is true. These guys have all gone through a lot of shit, and they’re working through it, tackling issues with which certainly a lot of people can identify, being (sometimes brutally) honest. NO sweet talk, no affirming of “eternal christian truth” just because they are “eternal christian truths”, but asking the behind the scenes questions to get through the meat to the bones – all with a beer in the hand, listening to awesome music (those of you who aren’t into punk music, don’t worry, you won’t hear too much of it – for me there could be more).

As they say on their website, “The Punk Theology Podcast is a loud, encouraging, troublesome, rebellious, colorful artistry of not just what you believe, but why you WANT to believe it. In a world of people addicted to some certainty, Punk Theology exists to explore uncomfortable questions on growth, peace, well-being, recovering what’s lost, understanding the plight of “the outsider”, faith, fear and being alive.”

And that’s exactly what it’s about. I can only recommend it to you and your ears, heart and brains.

If you want to find them, you can do so here:

Punk Theology Facebook page

Punk Theology website



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