Love for All, Hatred for No-one!

I admit, I have never experienced anything like what has happened in Charlottesville, but I know and have experienced what hatred looks and feels like.

Throughout many years of my school life, every day, day in day out, I was afraid to go to school. Why? My mother was white, but my father was black.

For some reason, there were those who thought it was fun (for them) to call me ‘nigger’ every day, to say ‘uncle Sam, came and clean my house, carry my bags, clean my shoes, eat my leftovers’.

And then, a group of Neo-nazis formed at school. Things got worse. There weren’t only the insults like ‘nigger whore’ ‘return to where you came from’ ‘let’s see if she also bleeds red, or if she bleeds shit, since shit is brown’ – then came the daily beatings. With hands, fists, sometimes with leather belts, once or twice with a bamboo stick. It lasted for a couple of years. My classmates wouldn’t help me, and the teachers looked elsewhere when it happened. The only time I beat back, it was me who got the punishment.

But the thing that I won’t forget, more than the insults, the beatings and the bruises, is the hatred. That senseless hatred that they had for me only because of my difference (my skin color was darker when I was younger; it has gotten lighter with age, if I’m honest, much to my dismay. I liked it the way it was).

And this hatred is totally unacceptable.

Just 2 weeks ago, I saw a customer in a supermarket insult another customer, visibly a foreigner with darker skin, yelling, telling him to shut up and get lost, and “those of his dirty race”. I was about to get involved, but I was further away and another woman was faster than me, telling him off.

This hatred is unacceptable.

What has happened in Charlottesville makes me cry with sadness. At the same time it makes me angry. But, above all, it breaks my heart.

All hatred is unacceptable. Racism and white supremacism are far more than just ‘freedom of speech’, as some want to make believe – it is an evil that must be condemned firmly and be fought against, stood up against, and loved against. The so-called alt-right is wrong, and alt-right are just the new neo-nazis. Haven’t people learned from the past? I still dream of a world where all are seen and treated as equal – and I won’t stop speaking out for it.

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