I wish
I didn’t have to write this
After the shock of those news
this morning, tears, shock, disbelief
my soul weeps, my heart breaks- once again

– how could someone?

Running in panic as the bomb exploded
covered in body parts and blood
horror inscribed in the beings now
deeply, for the rest of their lives

And you, how can you celebrate that?

Children, innocent ones
You shouldn’t have to suffer
not in Manchester
not anywhere in this world

My heart goes out:

I pray
for healing for the injured
for strength to the first responders and hospital staff
for comfort to the bereaved

May the murderers
and may those who support them receive justice.

But most of all: may we see the day soon when such horrors end,
and may we live in peace,
in joy,
with love,
and acceptance for each other.

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