On the day before Good Friday
crucify Jesus again

18 women and children
A large, powerful and accurately delivered weapon
suffocating with cold accuracy all life

So easy to press a button
so easy to drop a load
Can you hear their cries, can you feel their pain
as the air is lit on fire
and all oxygen is sucked out?

There is no preventive warfare
there is no protective bomb
War only produces war
Hate only produces hate

Women and children – ISIS-affiliated militants?
A way to get into areas where conventional bombs can’t reach,
You say –
if it was your country
You would rise in indignation

MOAB – designed to instill
fear and terror
isn’t the using it
a terrorist as well then?

Mothers, children, fathers cry
God cries with them
– oh Lord, have mercy!

This war is not won with bombs


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