Beautiful people, everywhere.

The other day, I walked through town.

I live in a village, so I don’t get to town every day, only about once a week. Anyhow, I saw a group of young men standing around a car, and two of them sitting in a car. A couple of them were tattooed, some heavily, most were wearing hoodies and baseball caps.

An elderly lady walked past, visibly annoyed by those foreigners and mumbled something about those “thugs” and “oxygen thiefs” and was just short shaking her walking stick – at least that’s the impression she gave – at the same time, I guess she was too intimidated to do just that.

For a short moment I watched the young men.

However hard I tried, I couldn’t see any thugs there. They were talking, laughing, all had friendly smiles and were shaking hands.

As I continued walking through town, I decided to do a little thought exercice: as I looked at each person I’d come across, I was going to find something positive. And actually, it wasn’t that hard.

One had nice eyes, another a beautiful smile, for someone else it was the way they looked at their child or their partner, or a gesture, for someone else there was something hard to describe that set them apart, or the wrinkles around the eyes… everybody had something.

There are no ugly people. Only beautiful people, so much wonderful diversity.

Everybody is unique.

Everybody is precious.

Everybody is a gift.

It sometimes takes a small effort to look beyond the prejudices, or preconceived ideas we may have (and I have them, too – I have biases against the Paris Hilton style, or rich playboys, and those who seem to be rich people with a better-than-you aura about them, but I’m working on that) – but it is worth it. The only thing that can make someone ugly is their character – and even then, the person is still precious. I’m making it a point in my life to go through life with open eyes and an open heart – it makes life so much richer.

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