What the Bible tells me

The Bible tells me
love your neighbor as yourself

my neighbor
the nice person next door
and the noisy young couple with the scary tattoos living the floor above
the old lady and her little dog
the young man who sometimes looks a little lost
the gay couple living in the next house
the grumpy funny smelling little old man from first floor
the lady that looks a bit too revealing for the taste of some
the girl in the wheelchair on groundfloor
the family who has a baby with down syndrome
and the arab family who moved in recently

love them all
love is patient
love is kind
love speaks no evil
love does not hurt
love is there
in action
in words
in gestures
in smiles and prayers and open hearts

The Bible tells me
love your neighbors, and
pray for your ennemis,
bless them all

to bless – bene dicere, say good things
that means
do not speak ill of them
do not persecute them
do not take their rights away
don’t strip away their dignity
see them as equal human beings
turn them into neighbors

The Bible tells me
to love myself
with all my flaws,
despite my flaws and imperfections
for I was created in the image of God
– as were neighbors
and ennemies.

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