Up, up and away…

It’s been some time since I last updated.

I’ve been away in the mountains. That’s always a treat for me.


Last night I barely slept. I was in really bad pain. On a scale, I’d put it on 10/10, which is a rare thing for me since I can take a whole lot of pain, and I barely give it a 10 since I always think that it could get worse still. Finally I got a little bit relief from a heating  pad. Today, I’m still in pain, though fortunately it is a bit less intense.

But instead of focusing on it, I am focusing on my tasks laying ahead of me today, and am thinking back to my vacation, looking at the pictures.

I went hiking and also did a bit of cross-country skiing. Whenever I see such beautiful mountains, all I want to do is hike all the way up, or as much as I can. The scenery literally seems to suck me in, all the beauty fills me. When I am up there, I forget everything, all the worries, all the pain. I feel free. I feel good. I feel close to God. I just want to stay there and don’t leave. Or go still higher up… I feel like I can breathe freely – up there, alone, nobody around, or barely anybody.

I, we, need moments and places like this. When times are difficult, we need places to where we can retreat, either physically, or in our thoughts, to refill and replenish our souls, come to rest and re-connect.

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