Like a Phoenix from the Ashes

This is my newest tattoo.

Just about all the tattoos I have have a special significance for me, and I got at various moments of my life either when specal things had happened, when I had made experience that deeply impacted me or when I had come to certain important realizations. Images can express things sometimes in more expressive and powerful ways than words can – or at least in different ways.

This tattoo has special significance for me. The phoenix, always rising from its ashes appears in many different mythologies, from ancient Egypt to Greece, with analogues as far as China or Japan. It has been adopted by Jews and Christians alike. For the first (called the ‘Chol’, it appears in Iyov/Job 29:18 אֹמַר עִם־קִנִּ֣י אֶגְוָ֑ע וְ֝כַח֗וֹל אַרְבֶּ֥ה יָמִֽים׃ ) it is an image of a life lived without sin, thus its long or rather, never-ending life; for the latter, the phoenix became a symbol for Jesus, having been raised from the dead by God.

For me, the phoenix is the perfect image, the perfect symbol for what I want my life to be:  for never giving up; for rising again after falling down; for living through the grace of God; for purification through the trials one goes through and the strength gained. I have lived through so many trials, and they keep coming.

My past has been difficult, more than I wish for anybody. These diseases are but another setback. Even if they slow me down, they don’t hold me back.On some days I’m strong, and on some days I’m weak. On some I succeed, and on others I fail miserably on the goals and rules to live by that I’ve set for myself, and that God has given me. But I know that when I fall, I can get up again, look ahead in positive spirits and trust in a God who is love and forgiveness, and who strengthens me.

I’m not just a survivor – I’m a Warrior.



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