Sppj5890Albert Thibaudet, a French literary critic, said that “writing that does not take close contact with the word dries up like the plant without water.

I do not know if by word he was talking about the Word of God – but for me, the Word of God is the life-giving water that gives me life and renews my strength, and nourishes my being and my writing.

This Word is for me a Loveletter which comes to me from God, and which, in turn, nourishes my reflection and my writing.

Writing thus becomes for me a space of freedom; the freedom that was first offered me, to share what worries me, what preoccupies my mind, what makes me rejoice … to share a little of this extraordinary love of God, and of the peace that he gives to those who want it.

Writing makes it possible to travel far, staying at home, to connect those who are separated by space, and to transform my life into a love letter – a love letter shared with others, loved by God, near and far.

“Writing is the only space of absolute freedom”
Nicolas Fargues)